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新系统为每位同学提供一个以学号命名的邮箱, 例如1001010010@sz.pku.edu.cn,您可以自行设置邮箱别名, 例如yourname@sz.pku.edu.cn。初始密码是pku+证件号后六位(例如pku123456,证件号以教务处登记的信息为准,一般为身份证号或护照号)。迁移完成后,您可以使用 “邮件搬家”的功能来将原系统的邮件迁移到新系统。原系统保持开放至2012年06月30日。如需访问,请登录网址:http://oldmail.sz.pku.edu.cn



    一,WEB方式:   Http://mail.sz.pku.edu.cn


POP3 Server: pop3.sz.pku.edu.cn 

(用户名需要填写邮件全址 yourname@sz.pku.edu.cn)

    SMTP Server:  smtp.sz.pku.edu.cn



0755-26035565 / 26035563 手机: 15815577655  短号:6565


附件1: 关于新邮件系统的功能介绍.doc








Dear students,

In order to improve your webmail service, the IT office plans to proceed to a system migration and expansion, which will take place on December 19, 2011, from 14:00 to 22:00.

After the migration, every student will have an email address using their student ID number, for example 1001010010@sz.pku.edu.cn. You will be able to choose a different username after login, for instanceyourname@sz.pku.edu.cn.The initial password will be set as: pku + the last six digits of your ID (e.g. pku123456, your ID number is the one you gave the Education Administration office when you registered, generally your ID card number or your passport number). The current system will be maintained till June 30, 2012. If you have any enquiry, please visit: http://oldmail.sz.pku.edu.cn.

During the migration, the normal activities will be temporarily suspended, but you will not lose the emails sent to your mailbox during the operation and will be able to access them in the new system.


After the migration, in order to access your email, you can use the following methods:

  • Through the Internet at http://mail. sz.pku.edu.cn
  • Through a redirection to your email management software, such as Foxmail or Outlook. The information to use is as follows:

POP3 server: pop3.sz.pku.edu.cn (when entering the client name you must enter your full address as in yourname@sz.pku.edu.cn)

SMTP server: smtp.sz.pku.edu.cn


We apologize in advance for any inconvenience you may incur because of the system migration. Please feel free to call us if you meet any difficulty in using the new email system:

2603 5565 / 2603 5563. Cell phone: 158 155 77655.


Attachment 1: Presentation of the new email system’s functions.


The Information and Internet Office