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        北大深研院新网站于12月20日正式上线,网站地址http://www.pkusz.edu.cn,旧的网站地址改为http://oldwww.pkusz.edu.cn/。同时上线的网站还有:南燕新闻网 http://news.pkusz.edu.cn/;校园三位导览http://www.pkusz.edu.cn/3d/ ;十周年校庆网站http://10.pkusz.edu.cn/;IT服务http://its.pkusz.edu.cn/
        网站迁移所造成的不便敬请谅解。在浏览新网站时如遇到问题,或者有建议及意见,请拨打我们的服务电话:0755-26035565 / 26035563 手机: 15815577655 短号:6565;或者给its@pkusz.edu.cn写邮件。
Notice: New Websites online at PKU Shenzhen
Dear Faculty, Staff Members and students:
        The new website of PKU Shenzhen is online on December 20, 2011, the address is http://www.pkusz.edu.cn, the older website has been changed to http://oldwww.pkusz.edu.cn/.
There are also some new websites online at the same time: news of PKU Shenzhen, the address is http://news.pkusz.edu.cn/; campus 3d touring, the address is http://www.pkusz.edu.cn/3d/; ten years celebrating, the address is http://10.pkusz.edu.cn/; IT service, the address is http://its.pkusz.edu.cn/ .
        We apologize in advance for any inconvenience you may incur because of the new websites. Please feel free to call us if you meet any difficulty in using the new websites:
2603 5565 / 2603 5563. Cell phone: 158 155 77655.
Or send email to its@pkusz.edu.cn.
The Information and Internet Office